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Portaits that Heal

These sessions are an excellent opportunity to appreciate yourself and your relationship with your body, to record the connection between lovers, to celebrate your sensuality, or to assist you in embracing the changing seasons and life milestones. These seminars are available to both men and women!

It is radical in this society to embrace and reclaim your right to pleasure and self-acceptance. It will influence how you move around the world and the impact you have on it. Are you ready to meet yourself?


Consultation Call – Location scouting & Moodboard


1 hour of Shooting - Outdoor or Indoor

Online Gallery of your edited, high resolution portraits.

Sessions begin at €444.


 Prints can be discussed separately.



Q: Are embodiment sessions only photographed outdoors?

A: I used to only offer these sessions outdoors but am now open to shooting indoors as well, especially during the cooler months! The most important thing is to make sure wherever we decide to shoot is a location that you feel comfortable and can relax and focus on your senses and connection to your body. I am willing to come to your home and also have in-studio sessions available.

Q: Are Embodiment Sessions only for women?

A: Embodiment sessions are open to people of all genders.

Q: Do I have to be photographed nude?

A: Not unless that’s what YOU want! I would never pressure anyone to go beyond the “edge” of their personal comfort zone. These sessions are about celebrating your connection to your body and sensuality, but that’s going to look completely different for everyone. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy/powerful/soft/confident (however you want to feel for your portraits.) Normally I have everyone start with their clothing on, or at least partially clothed and then if they decide they want to go for the nude shots we do those towards the end of the session. I will be reminding you throughout the experience that you have consent at ALL times.

Q: Where do you take those sessions?

A: I am based in Sibiu, Romania and in Vienna, Austria. You can combine your session with a visit to Sibiu (I can help you to plan your trip and share some cool spots with you). Half of the time I am traveling and offer sessions in the country I am in.

Q: When will I receive my images?

A: Your portraits will be delivered as high resolution digital images on an online viewing site within 4-6 weeks of your session. I try to send a few sneak peeks within 1 week.

Q: Do you do any photoshop or retouching to my images?

A: I adjust the lighting and color of my images but I do not do any heavy skin retouching or body modification.

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