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2.-4. September 2022

The Soulful Eye
Creative Retreat

„Erzähle Besuchern eine einzigartige Geschichte und gewinne so ihre Aufmerksamkeit. Klicke hier, um loszulegen und passe den Text an.“

Mindful photography is a powerful tool that uses our sight and the lens of a camera or smartphone as an anchor to help us become more consciously aware and connected to the present moment. It is experiencing the process of creating photographs in a non-judgmental
way, with gratitude and compassion towards ourselves and the world around us.
It enables us to slow down, look, connect and see our lives differently.

The Soulful Eye -6449.jpg

Your Investment

EUR 464,-


three days of Seminar


Collage Materials


Goodie Bag

Accommodation is booked individually.

Spots are limited to 12 women.

Seminarzentrum Der Baum, Austria


Photography and mindfulness work well together, forming a unique bond and a symbiotic relationship, each benefitting the other.

Photography and Art create a safe place for you to experience and creatively express your emotions, cultivate new opportunities for navigating life.

Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD, Leah Guzman

Photography as a way of visualizing what is going on in the human mind – thoughts, emotions, hopes, and needs – finding new perspectives and changing patterns of thinking.

And it works.

Me-with-camera-in-the-grass (1 von 1)-2.jpg

A journey to your
playful SELF

Are you stressed, anxious, feeling low or exhausted? Do you want to learn to stay calm and connected in a creative and playful way?

Mindful photography and Collage Art helps you:

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Improve mental health and wellbeing

  • Slow down

  • Connect to your heART

  • Improve self esteem and confidence

  • Gain clarity, focus, creativity, and motivation

  • Embrace change 

  • Take positive action



Express yourself freely

Techniques for exploring femininity and reconnecting with yourself

You will bring more harmony in your relationships and life

Overcome the fear of opening up without feeling compromised

Fully accept yourself

Free yourself from expectations and comparisons

Femininity cannot exist without creativity, without art, being itself a true art, which means that in every woman there is an artist who is waiting to express herself.


An inspired woman is a woman well connected to her energy source, to her divine side.


Allow the mystery to express through you.

divine (1 von 1).jpg


Andreea-Elena Mercurean

Photographer, Sound Bath Practitioner and Mindfulness Guide

Vienna, Austria & Sibiu, Romania

Andreea started her journey of self-discovery and healing after she finished her studies in Marketing and Economics in Vienna. At that time she went through hormonal imbalances and various chronic health issues.

She learned to connect to the natural cycles in nature and started to consciously work with herself. 

On her healing journey unfolding, she deepened her understanding of photography and started to consciously use this tool as a mindful practice. 

Since 2018 she held various courses on Photography in Romania, Tenerife and Austria.

Theodora Engelhart

Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Aromatherapist

Vienna, Austria & San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala

Theodora comes from the field of Economics and Socioeconomics and is currently studying Psychotherapy.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto in 2017, she began to grapple with questions about the meaning of life and self-realization and decided to make massive changes in her life.


She completed various training courses in the fields of yoga, meditation, somatic movement, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, gynecology and decided to pass on her knowledge and experience. From her own healing process and the connection to her trauma and her feminine energy, Theodora began to create digital art.


She spent the last few months in Guatemala, where she was able to take a lot of knowledge about cocoa medicine and Mayan culture.


Seminarzentrum Der Baum, Austria


Mindful Photography

When you take pictures, mindfulness will help you open up to all the possibilities you have seen in the mind's eye. Mindfulness goes even deeper than learned memory and perceptions. In its purest form, it means seeing like you have never seen before. Like seeing with new eyes.

DSC00508-9 (1).jpg

Collage Art

Collage is an art in the true sense of the word, but at the same time it is a unique way to play with your imagination and creativity. The main purpose of collages, like all the arts, is to express a message and to convey emotions and feelings.



with the gratitude journal I have designed

One of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to express yourself. This makes a journal a helpful tool in managing your mental health. Journaling can help you manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. Journaling helps control your symptoms and improve your mood.


Cacao Ceremony

Also known as Food of the Gods, cocoa is a ancient sacred plant used for healing. It allows you to ground yourself and tap into your creativity. A healthy and powerful medicine that helps you get into your creative FLOW. It promotes awareness and joy, as well as positivity.

Image by Jakub Dziubak


Theodora will guide you to connect with the Earth element for more stability and awareness in your body. 

Image by Conscious Design

This retreat was a turning point in my life. In a gentle way, things that I had been carrying with me as blockages inside my being for a long time were brought to the surface. I felt well taken care of and in good hands, so this setting became a safe place for me to be able to communicate my thoughts honestly and openly.

Madeleine K.


Dear women, I am so full of positive energy, love and joy. You don't even know how grateful I am that I met you and that I have life energy again!

Hannah S.



I absolutely enjoyed being in such a beautiful place, which was above all so far away from the city rush. I loved the photography exercises and I would have loved even more! It was great for me to be alone for so long and not feel lonely. The women respected each other and we gave ourselves space to be. The sound bath was very relaxing and beautiful. The silence was also incredible. I was very relaxed after the Retreat and I felt nourished, thank you very much for the wonderful time!


Sumaya F.

mindfully supported by

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