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Prints for Fundraising

It takes you to make hope possible.

Do you believe in miracles?

The story of my connection to the Beduins might be a little miracle in my life. I like to see it as one. Because it has changed the person who I am today.

2019, months after my grandfather died in my arms I traveled for the first time to the Sinai desert.

There I met Faizal – a mid aged, tall, skinny man in a white long robe. At the first glimpse I've felt a familiarity to this man. He reminded me of my grandfather. 

It felt like he is watching over me. Protecting me on my journey of becoming the higher version of myself.  Purely guided with good intentions. This is how the friendship with Faizal began.

We sat together by the fire, sung songs, smoked cigarettes together, played with camel shit and made fun of each other. Like I used to do with my grandfather Ioan.

Despite if you believe in miracles or not, don't you think that life has a magical way to work sometimes? In order for us to become free and one step closer to home – where we all are going sooner or later.

With each print you buy,

20% go directly to the Bedouin Family from the South Sinai Desert.


Personally delivered by myself in October 2022.

​It takes you to make hope possible –

Be part of this beautiful movement!


Print Sizes

20 x 30

130 €

30 x 45

160 €

60 x 90

260 €

100 x 150

430 €

20 % go to the Bedouins

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Are you looking for another print?

Are you looking for another print?

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