Prints for Fundraising

Since my first travel to the South Sinai Desert in 2019

I felt a very special connection to the Bedouin people and their land.

The first experience changed my life and I am forever grateful to have met those wonderful humans. 

With this Collection I want to give back to them!

With each print you buy,

20% go directly to the Bedouin Family from the South Sinai Desert.


Personally delivered by myself in October 2022.

Be part of this beautiful movement!

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Print Sizes

20 x 30

130 €

30 x 45

160 €

60 x 90

260 €

100 x 150

430 €

20 % go to the Bedouins


Are you looking for another print?

Do you want another print? Another size than listed here? A frame?

I am happy to customize your order.

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