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The Mindful Photographer


27. April - 6. May 2023

A place of
great undoing

Welcome to Sinai Desert Photography Adventure – an exhilarating journey to explore the stunning, unspoiled terrain of the desert. During this incredible trek, you’ll be guided through an unforgettable landscape, capturing unforgettable memories with your camera.


The magic of the desert
is hard to define

The world has never felt so big; the sky has never seemed so infinite.

The desert has always been a deeply spiritual place. My first experience felt as if my soul was literally turned on for the first time. I was hooked.

It has everything that makes a photographer and explorer heart beat faster!

Discover your distinctive voice, cultivate mindful awareness and inspire creative growth with photography.


Mindfulness in Photography

Rather than focusing only on the technical aspects of capturing a great photograph, this method investigates photography as a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness means being aware of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment on a moment-to-moment basis. It means paying attention to what is, rather than getting lost in our thoughts about the future or the past. Photography can be an effective way of improving mood and appreciation of everyday life


* Step out of the daily stress and hustle
* Dive deep into the silence of the Desert
* Be more calm and refreshed than you’ve ever been
* Deeply connect to your Self
* Experience how the Beduins live
* Increase your self-confidence and self-acceptance
* Smile

This remarkable journey offers more than just a photography trip – it is a focus on mindfulness, helping you come home to yourself. Take the time to explore the Bedouin culture, and enjoy the unique, breathtaking views of the rolling dunes.


We'll be traveling on camel back, camping under the stars, and visiting some of the world's most beautiful sights. Along the way, you'll get the chance to take some amazing photographs to capture your journey.


At the end of each day, we'll set ur our night-camp where you can unwind and relax. We'll also have small meditations and activities to help you strengthen your connection to yourself and make the most of your experience here in the desert.


At the end of your trip, you'll find yourself changed; filled with the peace and joy that only comes from a true connection with yourself and nature.



5:30 AM | Guided meditation, Photography & Mindfulness practice

6:30 AM | Breakfast

8:00 AM | Moving across the desert on camels with breaks and many amazing photo spots

13:00 PM | Lunch in a shady place, Photography practice

16:00 PM | Camel ride to the spot where we spend our night, sharing circle

19:00 PM | Dinner 

Each day starts with a guided meditation to tune in with yourself.

The days end with a sharing circle where we share the experiences of the day and discuss our best-of pictures.

Please mind that changes are possible. This is just a template to give you an idea on how a day may look like during the 5 days in the desert.