The Creative Retreat

Not your usual photography course

September 29th - October 2nd 2022

📍 Romania

You’re a photographer, an amateur or just starting out with photography?

You want to get inspired and connect to other like minded people? 


This CREATIVE RETREAT is designed to give you insights behind the scenes of creativity and photography.


What is creativity and how can we light that creative spark within us?


What practices can bring us into the FLOW?


How can we break rules and step outside of the known?


And how can all these questions teach you something about yourself? 


This journey is for the creative hearts who want to deep dive and use mindful photography to enhance their skills, hold visual conversations with their authentic self and find their WHY so they can express their unique voice.

After this experience you’ll be able to manage daily tasks and situations in a creative way – with lightness and ease. You will have the confidence to express and share your authenticity with the world, knowing that this is the key to your success. 

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Creative Retreat

Join us for a creative retreat in the stunning landscape of Transylvania, Romania. Enjoy 5 days/4 nights at Albastru si Origini, an traditional modern country farmhouse-village with mesmerizing views. Carefully built and cared by a small family. Experience the peaceful atmosphere between nature, good food, creativity and inspiration. 

Get hands on experience learning to enhance your life quality through creativity and mindful photography. 

In this immersion you will explore…


  • Soul growth through the creative process

  • Tools and resources to use mindfulness as a source for inspiration

  • Practices to cross the threshold from the critical mind to the creator mind 

  • Create your unique creative flow 


The creative process is not linear. It is winding and often full of more questions than answers. Who are you when you have no inspiration? When you are criticizing yourself? When you are comparing yourself? When your wonder ceases? As you are constantly changing and evolving, you need to trust your inner voice, release the old, so you can lean into your soul's calling and embrace your unique voice. 


Workshops & Classes 

Enhance your creativity and photographic eye through mindfulness.


A Retreat for the Soul.

Because we want to spark your creativity everyday, we embedded nature immersions, practical workshops, free explorations, delicious meals, to inspire, nourish and relax. 


  • Basics of Photography (for beginners) / Expand your photographic approach (for professionals)

  • Learn to see beyond seeing 

  • Hiking

  • Experimental Photography Practices for Mindfulness

  • Ceremonial Cacao drinking

  • Guided Meditations

  • Horse Ride in the Wilderness 

  • Soundbath 

Went there for a picnic, made the best o

This course is for you if…


  • You want to put your creative energy into action

  • You want to deepen and fortify your relationship with your creative process

  • You felt like your work is much more connected and powerful than to feel safe to let it be seen

  • You want to deepen your inner resources and strengthen your presence in the creative process

  • You want to be witnessed in your creative process with sacredness and in community

  • You want to experience an authentic place in Romania 

The location

Join us for a creative immersion in the stunning landscape of Transylvania, Romania. Enjoy 4 days/3 nights at Albastru si Origini (Blue and Origins), a traditional modern country farmhouse-village with mesmerizing views. It was designed and carefully built by a small family. Experience the peaceful atmosphere between nature, good food, creativity and inspiration.

Get hands on experience learning to enhance your life quality through creativity and mindful photography. 


Your team

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Professional photographer and creative story teller. Her work includes everything from capturing empowerment retreats, exquisite landscapes to portraits and experimental. Andreea-Elena will guide us as we explore the many colorful and magical corners of the location. We will learn image composition, camera settings, lighting and basic photo editing techniques. All levels, from beginner to advanced are welcome. Andreea-Elena will make suggestions as to what equipment to bring along on the retreat.

Ema Alexandrescu

Psychologist and creator, who uses therapeutic photography techniques to guide you towards your authentic self, deep dive in your inner realm and embrace your growth journey with consciousness. Weaving spiritual practices, art and psychology into her courses, will guide you to enjoy the journey of creation and release the focus on results. From this place of the unknown you build something new, and learn to express your voice in your unique manner.

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Image by Adam Hamel

Your investment

EARLY-BIRD ENROLLMENT (until 30. August 2022)


550 € 



(if you need a payment plan, contact us.)


650 € 

What you'll get:

  • accommodation and meals for 4 days

  • daily activities and classes 

  • class materials

  • transportation from Sibiu airport to location


What's NOT included:

  • Transport to Sibiu, Romania

  • Horse ride 

  • drinks

  • extra meals 

  • excursions

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How to get to Sibiu

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flixbus wien sibiu.png

There are very good and reasonable options to travel to Sibiu (from Vienna). Please check airlines for your local airport.

You'll be collectively picked up by bus at the Sibiu Airport at around 15:30 p.m.

The Flixbus arrives one day early, if you chose this transportation we can help you with accommodation in Sibiu.