I – that's Andreea-Elena Mercurean am a multimedia artist and photographer based in Vienna. 

My creative work is a result of a symbiosis between intention and play. I believe the creative process holds deep power to awaken and transform ones core.

I shot my first roll of film at the age of nine. Photography is ever since my first choice to express, create and perpetuate.


I grew up in Transylvania (Romania) where my fascination for mysticism arose. In my teenage years I engaged in psychology, symbols and alchemy. Those became among nature a big inspiration in my personal life and creations.

Wüstenreise_1953_2021_cHeidrun Henke_cHeidrunHenke.jpg

What inspires me

〰️ nature

〰️ night sky

〰️ bones

〰️ traveling

〰️ the desert

〰️ people

〰️ C.G. Jung

〰️ geometry

〰️ sound

〰️ early morning hours

〰️ Ram Dass 


Sand Dunes